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Limestone Carvings

Limestone Carvings Limestone Carvings

Limestone Carvings

Josephine's Knot Bookends#10 Josephine’s knot book ends
24cm x 26cm x 10cm $300

These truly beautiful limestone book ends have taken many many hours of roughing out carvings and detailing. The design is based on a very traditional Celtic knot, Josephine’s knot, which is derived from a simple plait.

Josephine was Napoleon Bonaparte’s Empress and she was a particular favourite with the seamen of those days, or so we might guess, because this knot is also traditional to sailors, so she was honoured to have it dedicated to her. As I mentioned it is derived from a basic plait, a common figure of all nautical knot tying.

It is a knot that was popular among the Celtic artists of over a thousand years ago, and in Celtic tradition a great artist was as revered as a great warrior.

This pair has been carved on both sides with the finely detailed Celtic knotwork pattern so you can use them as a pair on either end of a set of precious books or individually.


"The story behind our latest limestone carvings."



Limestone Carvings