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About the Koru range.

The Koru or spiral is recognised in the culture of the New Zealand Maori, and also many others, as a symbol of life and growth. It represents renewal and hope and is the stylistic depiction of the unfurling of a Fern Frond. All the pieces in this range make great Wedding and Birthday gifts, as the symbolism is particularly appropriate.

All our work comes with felt dots on the bottom, to protect your furniture, a swing tag describing the stone and its origins, and where indicated, comes in custom made gift boxes.

All prices are shown in New Zealand Dollars ($NZ)
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Koru CD Ends

16cm x 13cm x 10cm ( the pair) $69
Great gifts for music lovers, these were created as CD ends, that is they are the same height as a CD and will fit into a space designed for storing CD’s. The natural weight of the stone however makes them perfect book ends too. (I have also seen them used as door stops!)

The pair are carved on both sides and so can be used at either end of a shelf, or individually.

* available gift boxed.

23cm x 18cm x 10cm (the pair) $135
These are fantastic bookends as the natural weight of the stone is able to support both small and large format books. Their proportions also make them very nice sculptural pieces. Because they are carved on both sides they can be used at either end of a shelf or individually.

* available gift boxed
Koru Book Ends

Koru Candle Holder #3 KORU CANDLE HOLDER
19cm x 19cm x 10cm $82
This lovely simple shape was our first ever design. It has been carved on both sides and the flat indentation on the top makes it suitable for supporting most standard candle sizes, or if you prefer we can make you one without the candle hole as a purely sculptural piece.

20cm x 18cm x 10cm $180
These beautiful clocks have been inlaid with Paua shell (New Zealand Abalone) unique in the world for its deep colours and lustre.

It comes with a Quartz movement that has a 12 month warranty and black precision lacquered hands, including a second hand.
Koru Clock

Koru Heart #5 KORU HEART
12cm x 11cm x 5cm $29
These are one of our smaller pieces, they make great Valentines gifts or just something nice for a special friend. the combination of the heart, the symbol of love and the Koru the symbol of hope and renewal make them very special. The Koru heart comes gift boxed, and includes tea light candle.

19cm x 10cm x 5cm (approx) $45
As with all these pieces the little Fishies are all made by hand, so each ‘face’ is individual, giving each fish a character of its own.

The eyes are inlaid with Paua shell (New Zealand Abalone). They make great decoration in the bathroom, or outside by a water feature, the natural Oamaru stone is suitable for all weather conditions including wet and humid. Little Fishies are popular housewarming gifts.
Little Fishies

Piko Candle Holder #7 PIKO CANDLE HOLDER
Large 30cm x 20cm x 10cm $135
The proportions of the Piko candle holder are perfect, being one of our taller pieces it makes a great centre piece for a table, or a purely sculptural piece to add some art to the garden, its candle hole is big enough to fit most standard candles or we can make it without the candle hole at your request.

Small 19cm x 10cm x 7cm $45
The small Piko is designed to fit taper candles and they look fantastic as a pair at either end of a mantle piece, or are small enough to look great creating some mood lighting beside the bath tub, maybe create a theme by pairing one up with a Little Fishy.
Piko Candle Holder


"Handmade New Zealand gifts and funky functional art."



New Zealand Gifts